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Pros and Cons of Polyaspartic Floor Coating Vs. Epoxy Floors​

polyaspartic floor coating

Are you bored with your dirty and stained garage floor? It’s time to make it look new again! When you want to make your garage floor better, you might have heard about something called polyaspartic floor coating. But what is polyaspartic, and how is it different from the regular epoxy coating? Let’s learn about floor coatings and find out the good and bad things about polyaspartic floor coating.

Epoxy Floors: Where to Use and Where to Avoid

outdoor area is not a good place for epoxy floors. for outdoor use polyaspartic floor coating

Epoxy floors are a popular choice for their durability, resistance to chemicals, and attractive glossy finish. However, not all situations or environments are suitable for epoxy floors.

Did you know?

Most companies that promise Polyaspartic floors use Epoxy or Polyurea as the base coat.

This risk of yellowing and peeling over time undermines the full benefits of genuine Polyaspartic.

Don’t compromise! Ask for both the base and top coat to be Polyaspartic.