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Garage floors guide center

Everything you need to know about floor coating like polyaspartic and epoxy. 

Garage Security Systems - Home Garage Security - Home Garage Security

Garage Security Systems: How To Ensure Safety in 2024

The advancements in garage security systems reflect a broader trend toward intelligent, interconnected home protection solutions. Suping up your security system is also the perfect time to fix things up in your garage to make it more durable for your belongings.

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Install Garage Floor Coating Before Move in 3 - Garage Coating Flakes - Garage Coating Flakes

Benefits of Flakes on Garage Floor Coatings

Many floor coatings will have their very own flake system applied on the top coating. However, most companies use these flakes sparingly. In this guide, we will talk about the Benefits of Flakes on Garage Floor Coatings.

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Garage Flooring - Garage Lift - Garage Lift

Garage Car Lifts: Enhancing Home Garage Space

Garage Car Lifts have become pivotal in redefining the functionality of residential garages. These innovative systems are not just about vehicle storage; they represent a smart solution for space management, catering to the needs of multi-vehicle households and automobile enthusiasts alike. 

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Garage Home Office - Garage Storage Space - Garage Storage Space

Garage Climate Control: How To Optimize Your Garage Space

Your garage is more than just a storage or parking space. It is the perfect opportunity to set up a cozy gaming studio, home gym, or simply a place to relax. Today, you will learn how using garage climate control can help you turn it into the relaxing setup you have always wanted!

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Polyurea Garage Floor Coating - Polyurea Garage Floor Coating - Polyurea Garage Floor Coating

polyurea garage floor coating

Let’s get straight to the point. 

Is polyurea a good product to use for your garage floor coating? Yes.
Do you have a better alternative? Yes. Indeed! 

This guide will help you to become a garage floor coating expert in 3 minutes. 

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Did you know?

Lots of companies claim to use Polyaspartic, but they only apply it for the final coat.

Using a mix of Epoxy or Polyurea for the base coat can lead to yellowing and peeling over time.

Insist on a full Polyaspartic system for both base and top coats.