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Garage Storage Hacks: Maximizing Small Spaces

After an exhausting day at the office, you drive home, you’re reverse parking your car in your garage, and BAM! You just hit a bike, and now your car has a sweet scratch. 

Pretty annoying, right? Well…we can help. Here are a few helpful and actionable space-saving ideas that’ll make your garage storage bloom like daisies.

Garage Storage Hacks Maximizing Small Spaces - Garage Storage - Garage Storage

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Deep Cleaning

First things first, give your garage a deep scrubbing. Most of the time, this alone makes things better and easier. By deep cleanup, we mean cleaning every spot in your garage. Walls, floor, roof, and everything inside the 4 walls of your garage. 

Pick up every screw, untangle and fold all the wires, and remove every unnecessary object. Now…give yourself a pat on the back and take a step back to observe the breathtaking transformation you just pulled off. 

You’ll be looking at spotless walls and superb polyaspartic floor coating shining like the bright sun. Pretty cool, right? Now break the reverie because there’s more to do.

Install a Custom Garage Store

One of the easiest ways to completely transform your garage storage is to install a custom storage system. The prices vary dramatically based on the materials, features, size, and space. Such custom storage systems come with built-in cabinets. This makes space for basically everything inside your garage. Having dedicated space for your goods helps keep your garage store organized and look minimalistic.

Utilize Space Over Your Head

You need to use the storage over your head by mounting shelves, hooks, lift tables, etc. All this storage at height is known as overhead storage.

This one is another fantabulous way to enhance your small space garage storage. By shifting everything in the cabinets or shelves placed at height, you can empty ample space that can be utilized for the greater good.

Enhance Garage Storage with Corner Shelves

Another super effective and very light on-pocket idea is a corner shelf. As the name explains, the shelves at the corner are immensely useful in storing your car care products. Furthermore, they look fantastic in the corners. Not only do these selves offer a useful space, but they also enhance the overall look of your garage. 

If you know basic carpentry skills, you can even do it for yourself. All you have to do is, cut plywood for your desired size and place it in any corner around your garage. Support the plywood with a hook or an L-shaped angle brackets. But if that is not your cup of tea, you can simply order them from Amazon for very cheap. Usually they are no more than $20-$25.

 - Garage Storage Space - Garage Storage Space

Store More on the Walls

If the idea of stacking more objects on the roof and corners excites you, you’re going to love this one even more. This one’s also easy enough for you to do without any help from professionals.

Storing more on walls makes more space on floors. Equally important, make sure the wall-mounted systems are strong enough to hold a good amount of weight.

Create a Workout Zone

Not everyone dismantles and constructs vehicles in their space. Sometimes, people dedicate their garage storage to a workplace or a workout area.

If that’s the case with you, you’re gonna love this one. Install a dedicated shelf or create one for yourself using hooks and baskets to hold workout equipment. Also, make sure you have high-quality floor coating for this gym floor.

Storage Cubbies for When You're in a Rush

You don’t always have time for garage organization. Sometimes, you’re in a rush. Therefore, having something to hold objects in times like that is essential. Chosen storage cubbies come in clutch in this situation.

Especially if you have kids in your house, you’re going to thank me for this idea. Because of how tidy and clean your garage is going to look with this one simple hack. Prices can vary, based on size and the number of cubes. Realistically, you can expect to pay something around $45-$50 for a medium-sized 6-cube organizer.

Space-Saving Sliding Shelves

Innovative space-saving sliding shelves revolutionize the way we store stuff in small spaces. Instead of opening and closing like regular shelves, these slide in and out, allowing more space to hold stuff. 

These can go hand in hand with custom garage storage. You can place them all around your walls to ensure you never run out of space for things that matter. This gives you even more space to strategize. I’d say it’s a good chance to get your creative juices flowing. So, feel free to explore and come up with and execute the best ideas for your garage storage.

Final Words

Rush to the garage, take the gear, and start implementing what you just learned. That gives you another reason to give your garage storage a new life. We hope you’re moved by learning about these amazing compact storage solutions. 

We have tons of other guides and blogs teaching you more and more innovative and exciting ideas. You can implement these hacks to make your garage space amazing. Head over to our blog TheGarageFloor, if you want more invaluable information without any cost.

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