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Garage floor coating Plano, Tx

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Garage floor coating Plano, TX

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Welcome to, where we’ve simplified garage floor coating in Plano! Our online platform makes it easy for you to design your garage floor, get an instant price, and schedule installation quickly. Say goodbye to lengthy sales meetings and additional fees! Our robust Polyaspartic coating outlasts epoxy floors, providing superior durability. Completed within a day, our service boasts the lowest prices in the DFW area, backed by a lifetime guarantee. Transforming your garage floor is just a few clicks away! App - Book Your Garage Flooring Transformation - Book Your Garage Flooring Transformation

No Salesman. Online platform

Design, estimate, and scheduling under 1 minute. is an online platform with in-house installers dedicated to helping homeowners upgrade their garage floor with a superb Polyaspartic floor coating at the lowest price in Plano Texas. 

4 reasons for unbeatable pricing

Online platform - No salespersons

We don’t have expensive sales teams. You design and schedule your garage floor coating from the comfort of your couch within 2 minutes.  

No middle man

We don’t have a middleman or distributors, nor do we need to pay franchise fees like others

State of the art machinery and technology

 We invest and equip our teams with the best equipment available in the garage floors industry – working alongside the most advanced technologies. Those factors allow us to complete your project faster with better results. 

In house amazing professionally trained installers

We do not sub out our most important part of the company. We take pride in our installations’ quality and amazing customer experience. It’s no luck – It’s our purpose and DNA.

One day install

Polyaspartic garage floor coatings

Our superb polyaspartic floor coatings has a rapid curing time that allows our professionally trained installers to refinish your floor in less than 24 hours. 

Polyaspartic installation process in Plano

Safe for you and your loved ones.

Say goodbye to epoxy’s toxic fumes. Experience eco-friendly, low-VOC coatings that are safe for you and your loved ones.

for the Community by Mygaragefloorscom - for the Community by Mygaragefloorscom - for the Community by Mygaragefloorscom

Prefer to talk first? allows you to complete your concrete coating order online, but if you prefer to talk with us first, we would love that too.


 - Before Mygaragefloorscom Polyaspartic in Plano Texas - Before Mygaragefloorscom Polyaspartic in Plano Texas
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polyaspartic vs epoxy in Plano Tx

Concrete coatings comparison

If you’re curious about where to start with garage flooring, let us help you.

Most people in Plano, TX generally choose to go with epoxy floor sealants whenever sealing a cement floor, such as in their garage. Though epoxy floor coatings can give your garage floor that glossy, polished look, they also tend to fade and turn yellow with age, and are prone to chipping and scratching. Epoxy coatings also take an extremely long time to properly cure, and may lead to dangerous chemical off-gassing that can negatively affect your health. Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are relatively new to the market, but offer a more durable, safer, and quicker option for giving your garage floor that polished and clean look. Don’t compromise on epoxy floor coating when you can get a Polyaspartic floor coating with a lifetime warranty. 

What are Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings?

About 30 years ago, polyaspartic coatings were originally developed as a way to protect steel from corrosion. Shortly thereafter it was also discovered that these coatings also offer excellent protection as a concrete floor sealant. Like their epoxy counterparts, polyaspartic cement floor coatings act as a surface level sealer. The coating will completely seal the concrete surface, and thus protects the concrete from scratches, dusting, and other potential damage, even in the heavy traffic areas.

Due to its unique molecular composition, polyaspartic coatings are extremely durable, and are also abrasion, scratch, chemical, UV, and impact resistant. Whereas epoxy coatings can take 16-18 hours for each coat to dry, each layer or coat of polyaspartic sealant will dry within an hour while not compromising on performance. The high film builds can completely cure within just a couple of hours, allowing you to use your new garage floor on the same day that the project is begun.

Here in Plano, TX, the hot summer sun is also often responsible for that ugly “yellowing” or fading that tends to affect garage floors that were coated with an epoxy floor coating. With a polyaspartic cement floor coating, however, your floor will never turn yellow when exposed to the sun due to its extreme UV resistance.

UV coating and UV damage

Polyaspartic has a UV coating that protects the floor from changing its original color. Epoxy flooring will turn yellow over time with exposure to sun.

Epoxy yellowing

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings Dallas - Epoxy-coating-turned-yellow - Epoxy-coating-turned-yellow

Polyaspartic Dallas Garage Floor Coating Polyaspartic - 20221209_141256 - 20221209_141256

Hot tire pickup

Hot tire pickup occurs after hot tires cool down and sink into the concrete floor, causing peeling or delamination of a coating where the tire meets the concrete. Over time this change in temperature causes a coating that is not hot tire pickup resistant to fail.

Epoxy – hot tire pickup

Garage Floor Coating Frisco Tx - Epoxy Hot Tire Pickup - Epoxy Hot Tire Pickup

Polyaspartic Dallas Tx - Dsc04532 - Dsc04532

Concrete coating - chemical resistance

Polyaspartic is chemical resistant unlike epoxy floor that easily damaged.

Epoxy – chemical damages

Garage Floor Coating Epoxy - Garage Floor Coating Stained Epoxy - Garage Floor Coating Stained Epoxy

Polyaspartic is resistant to chemical 

Garage Floor Coating Fort Worth Tx - Garage Floor Coating Fort Worth Tx - Garage Floor Coating Fort Worth Tx

Surface bonding to concrete floor

Epoxy floors only require clean concrete vs polyaspartic, which requires a careful preparation process to open up the concrete pores with a diamond grinder. 

That process ensures the polyasprtic penetration into the concrete floors and not just “sitting” on top. 

Unlike epoxy garage floor, polyaspartic will stay solid for many years to come. 

Epoxy coating – No bonding

Epoxy Peeling off - Garage Floor Coating Peeling off - Garage Floor Coating Peeling off

Grinding process for polyaspartic Prep - Prep - Prep

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Our awesome customers

The team at mygaragefloors did a meticulous amazing job. I was able to quickly and accurately book online. They called me to let me know what needed to be done prior and showed up on time! The garage floor is a major upgrade. It’s quieter now and after watching the extensive prep I have no doubt it will last a lifetime! Thanks for making that so easy for me.

Daniel Deeney


My 3 garage doors were so old, cracked and needed a new coating. I have to say I didn’t think it will look so good. Unlike epoxy garage, their job was quick, timely manner, clean and so professional. We love our new garage!! Highly recommended! excellent job!

Hani Sofer


Awesome job! we had our garage floors done and are very impressed with how well they came out! Joseph and his team are very professional and efficient. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!

Kristina Hegmann


Well, I just want to say that these guys are the BEST. They finished in one day as promised and they did a great job and the price is very reasonable. Don’t hesitate to hire them. The finished product is amazing and I'm happy I chose the polyaspartic floor coating and not the epoxy garage floor option.

Marwan Aldaggistany


We live in Plano Texas. I love this website because it provides me with the best quality garage flooring. I have found the process for installing the garage floor coating to be easy and I love that I can work with professionals to get the garage floor of my dreams. I feel confident knowing that my garage will be the envy of my neighbors. Unlike epoxy flooring companies, they give a lifetime warranty for their concrete coatings. 

Morgan Steven


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Did you know?

Many companies promote Polyaspartic floors, yet they often use it solely for the top coat.

Using a mix of Epoxy or Polyurea for the base coat can lead to yellowing and peeling over time.

Insist on a full Polyaspartic system for both base and top coats.