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Welcome to, where we’ve made coating garage floors in Mesquite super easy! Our online platform helps you plan how you want your garage floor to look, find out the cost right away, and pick a time for it to be done, all in a snap. No more long sales meetings or extra fees! Our special Polyaspartic coating is stronger than epoxy floors. It’s super tough and lasts a really long time. We finish everything in just one day and promise the best prices in the DFW area. Plus, we give a lifetime guarantee on our work. Your garage floor makeover is just a few clicks away!

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Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating: The Best Option for Homeowners in Mesquite, TX

Have you ever heard of polyaspartic garage floor coatings? Unless you are a construction professional, chances are that you have never come across the term. Today, however, polyaspartic coating are revolutionizing the way that cement floors get sealed and coated. When compared to polyurethane and epoxy coatings, polyaspartic sealants offer advanced durability, significantly faster drying times, lower VOC emissions, and improved UV stability to avoid yellowing when exposed to the sun.

The Advantages of Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings in Mesquite, TX?

Let´s take a deeper look at the advantages that come with polyaspartic garage floor coatings for people who live in Mesquite, TX.

  • Improved Durability: To begin with, polyaspartic garage floor coatings are able to create a hard, yet flexible finish that will not chip, scratch, or become dusty over time. Other garage floor coatings, because of their rigid nature, will tend to ruin much more quickly, especially in heavy traffic settings.
  • Zero VOC Emissions: Polyaspartic garage floor coatings also have virtually no odor, no off-gassing, and low to zero VOC levels, thus protecting your home´s indoor air quality and your family´s health. Epoxy coatings, in comparison, leave a heavy, chemical smell that can contaminate your home´s indoor air quality for weeks after the project is finished.
  • Much Faster Drying time: Whereas epoxy garage floor coatings tend to take over a week to properly cure, each coat of polyaspartic garage floor coating can dry in as little as on hour. In almost every case, your renewed garage floor will thus be completely dry and ready to use on the same day the project is started.
  • UV Stability: Lastly, polyaspartic garage floor coatings also offer superior UV stability and will never turn yellow or fade when regularly exposed to sunlight. Epoxy coatings, by contrast, are known to quickly “yellow” or fade when direct light shines on the garage floor. The Best Installer of Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings in Mesquite

The main drawback to opting for a polyaspartic garage floor coating in the past has been its higher upfront cost. Today, however, people in Mesquite, TX can benefit from an experienced company that offers the most competitive prices for polyaspartic garage floor coatings.

Here at, we are an exclusively online platform dedicated to helping homeowners upgrade their garage floor with the highest quality polyaspartic floor coating at the absolute lowest price. As an entirely online platform, we don’t have a sales team and are also able to cut out those middlemen and distributors that can drive up the price of your garage floor coating. We also can reduce prices by not having to pay franchise fees like other companies offering similar products. The end result is that we are almost always able to offer superior quality polyaspartic coatings at a lower price than the epoxy sealants offered by our competitors.

With, you will not only get the best prices for the top-quality polyaspartic garage floor coatings, but you will also get a fully trained and professional installer team. We invest and equip our teams with the best equipment available in the garage floors industry because we know that the most advanced technologies will allow us to complete your project faster with better results.  Unlike other companies, we don’t sub out our most important part of the process: installation. Rather, we take pride in the quality of the installation, and promise to only send the absolute best in-house installers.

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We don’t have expensive sales teams. You design and schedule your garage flooring installation from the comfort of your couch within 2 minutes.  

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We don’t have a middleman or distributors, nor do we need to pay franchise fees like others

State of the art machinery and technology

 We invest and equip our teams with the best equipment available in the garage floors industry – working alongside the most advanced technologies. Those factors allow us to complete your project faster with better results. 

In-house amazing professionally trained installers

We do not sub out our most important part of the company. We take pride in our installations’ quality and amazing customer experience. It’s no luck – It’s our purpose and DNA.

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Did you know?

Lots of companies claim to use Polyaspartic, but they only apply it for the final coat.

Using a mix of Epoxy or Polyurea for the base coat can lead to yellowing and peeling over time.

Insist on a full Polyaspartic system for both base and top coats.