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Epoxy floor Austin alternative - Polyaspartic.

Polyaspartic floors.
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Welcome to, based in Austin. We specialize in durable Polyaspartic garage flooring, a superior alternative to traditional epoxy. Our online design tool offers instant estimates and easy scheduling for hassle-free installations.

Our experienced team ensures a swift, one-day installation, backed by a lifetime warranty for your assurance.

Order Online. Lifetime Warranty.

Design, estimate, and scheduling under 1 minute. simplifies garage floor coating in Austin. Our online platform allows you to effortlessly design your perfect garage floor, receive instant pricing, and quickly schedule installation – all without the need for extra meetings or surprise fees. Our Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are more durable than epoxy floor, ensuring strength and longevity.

Expect a one-day turnaround and a lifetime warranty, all at the best prices in Austin. App - Book Your Garage Flooring Transformation - Book Your Garage Flooring Transformation
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Your dream garage awaits.

Get ready to love your new garage! At, we’ve simplified the whole process so you can quickly enjoy a floor that’s both tough and stylish with a smooth looking finish for any activity in your garage.  With our long-lasting coating and unbeatable prices, your garage will become a space you’ll adore. 

One day install

Our superb polyaspartic floor coatings has a rapid curing time that allows our professionally trained installers to refinish your floor in less than a day in Austin, TX. 

In-house Trained Crews Apply Our Two Coats of Polyaspartic Floor Coating in One Day - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx 2 Process of Applying Decorative Flakes on Garage Floor Coating in Austin Tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx 3 Diamond Grinding Concrete Floors Before Garage Coating Applied - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx
Blowing Flakes to Spread on Concrete Floors Before Second Garage Coating Applied - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx 4

Lifetime warranty.

As long as you call your house home, your garage floor coating is totally protected. uses top-notch materials and expert installers, giving you a Lifetime Warranty on every project. Yes, you heard that right — we promise it won’t peel or fail for as long as your floor lasts.

Best garage floor coating
in Austin, TX

Unbeatable pricing.

Online platform - No salespersons

We don’t have expensive sales teams. You design and schedule your garage flooring installation from the comfort of your couch within 2 minutes.  

No middle man

We don’t have a middleman or distributors, nor do we need to pay franchise fees like others

State of the art machinery and technology

 We invest and equip our teams with the best equipment available in the garage floors industry – working alongside the most advanced technologies. Those factors allow us to complete your project faster with better results. 

In-house amazing professionally trained installers

We do not sub out our most important part of the company. We take pride in our installations’ quality and amazing customer experience. It’s no luck – It’s our purpose and DNA.

Polyaspartic vs Epoxy.

If you’re curious about where to start with garage flooring, let us help you.

Over the last few years, epoxy floors have become a household name for garage floor coatings and decorative concrete, but is this the best option?

The following comparison table will show you the differences between polyaspartic and epoxy for your garage renovation.

The short answer is that an unprofessional person will not see the differences between the epoxy floor and polyaspartic floor coating for the first few months. Later, when age and weather start to affect them, polyaspartic reveals its advantages, even against the highest-end commercial-grade garage floor epoxy. 

Concrete coating comparison

UV coating

Polyaspartic has a UV coating that protects the concrete floor from changing its original color. Epoxy flooring will turn yellow over time with exposure to sun.

Garage floor epoxy yellowing

Epoxy Turned Yellow with Exposure to Sun - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx-epoxy-yellow - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx-epoxy-yellow


Epoxy Uv Coating Austin Tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx

Hot tire pickup

Hot tire pickup occurs after hot tires cool down and sink into the concrete floors, causing peeling or delamination of a coating where the tire meets the concrete of the garage floors. Over time this change in temperature causes a coating that is not hot tire pickup resistant to fail.

Epoxy coating – hot tire pickup

Epoxy Peeling off in Austin Tx - Epoxy Peel of Austin Tx - Epoxy Peel of Austin Tx

Polyaspartic Hot Tire Pickup Austin Tx - Garage Floor Coating Austin Tx - Garage Floor Coating Austin Tx

Chemical resistance

Polyaspartic is chemical resistant. Unlike epoxy floor coating or other floor coatings that chemicals will easily damage their garage floors.

Epoxy floor – chemical damages

Garage Floor Chemical Stain Austin Tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx

Polyaspartic resistant to chemical 

Polyaspartoc Coating Chemical and Stain Resistant Austin Tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx

Surface bonding to concrete floor

Epoxy garage floor coating is typically applied over clean concrete vs polyaspartic, which requires a careful preparation process to open up the concrete pores with a diamond grinder. 

That process ensures the polyasprtic penetration into the concrete floors and not just “sitting” on top. 

Unlike epoxy garage, polyaspartic will stay solid for generations to come. 

Epoxy garage floor – No bonding

Epoxy Peeling off - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx-epoxy-peel-off 1 - Garage-floor-coating-austin-tx-epoxy-peel-off 1

Grinding process for polyaspartic

Diamond Grinding Concrete Floors in Austin Tx - Garage-floor-coating-diamond-grinding-concrete-floor-austin-tx - Garage-floor-coating-diamond-grinding-concrete-floor-austin-tx

Safe for you and your loved ones.

Say goodbye to epoxy’s toxic fumes. Experience eco-friendly, low-VOC coatings that are safe for you and your loved ones.

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Did you know?

Many companies promote Polyaspartic floors, yet they often use it solely for the top coat.

Using a mix of Epoxy or Polyurea for the base coat can lead to yellowing and peeling over time.

Insist on a full Polyaspartic system for both base and top coats.