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Garage Security Systems: How To Ensure Safety in 2024

garage security systems

The advancements in garage security systems reflect a broader trend toward intelligent, interconnected home protection solutions. Suping up your security system is also the perfect time to fix things up in your garage to make it more durable for your belongings.

Benefits of Flakes on Garage Floor Coatings

install garage floor coating before move in 3

Many floor coatings will have their very own flake system applied on the top coating. However, most companies use these flakes sparingly. In this guide, we will talk about the Benefits of Flakes on Garage Floor Coatings.

Garage Car Lifts: Enhancing Home Garage Space

garage flooring

Garage Car Lifts have become pivotal in redefining the functionality of residential garages. These innovative systems are not just about vehicle storage; they represent a smart solution for space management, catering to the needs of multi-vehicle households and automobile enthusiasts alike. 

Garage Climate Control: How To Optimize Your Garage Space

garage home office

Your garage is more than just a storage or parking space. It is the perfect opportunity to set up a cozy gaming studio, home gym, or simply a place to relax. Today, you will learn how using garage climate control can help you turn it into the relaxing setup you have always wanted!

EV Charging Stations In Your Garage

charging station

We’ll explore the importance and process of installing a garage EV charging station, making it easier for you to join the growing community of electric car owners.

polyurea garage floor coating

polyurea garage floor coating

Let’s get straight to the point. 

Is polyurea a good product to use for your garage floor coating? Yes.
Do you have a better alternative? Yes. Indeed! 

This guide will help you to become a garage floor coating expert in 3 minutes. 

7 Reasons Epoxy Flooring Might Not Suit Your Dallas Home

epoxy flooring in Dallas

While epoxy flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners, it’s essential to consider factors that might make it less suitable for your specific needs in Dallas. We garahered 7 reasons why you might want to think twice before installing epoxy flooring.

Garage Floor Coating Cost

garage floor coating in one day

The avergae price for garage floor coating cost is between $1,595 to $3,337, with the national average at $2,441. In this guide we will dive into what it takes to transform your garage with various pricing depending on the garage floor coating type and what it take to make the garage of your dreams come true! 

Choosing the Right Garage Floor Paint: A Comprehensive Guide

how to paint garage floor

Your garage floor – often overlooked but brimming with potential. 

Picture a garage that not only stores your stuff but looks clean and polished. The secret? Garage floor paint. More than a pretty face, it shields against stains, cracks, and daily wear. 

Let’s dive into an easy guide on choosing the right paint for your garage floor. From benefits to types, assessing needs, and finishing touches – we’re on a journey to transform your garage. 

Did you know?

Most companies that promise Polyaspartic floors use Epoxy or Polyurea as the base coat.

This risk of yellowing and peeling over time undermines the full benefits of genuine Polyaspartic.

Don’t compromise! Ask for both the base and top coat to be Polyaspartic.