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Garage Climate Control: How to Optimize Your Garage Space.

Your garage is more than just a storage or parking space. It is the perfect opportunity to set up a cozy gaming studio, home gym, or simply a place to relax. Today, you will learn how using garage climate control can help you turn it into the relaxing setup you have always wanted!

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Why Should I Transform My Garage?

This begins with a Garage Climate Control system. Because, of course, we can’t ignore comfort. There are many options that help make a comfortable garage environment. They include durable polyaspartic flooring, heating floors, ductless cooling systems, and humidifiers.

Air Conditioning System

I suppose you already know about air conditioning, right? It is a quick and easy method to keep your garage cozy. Also, stable temperatures from good air conditioning help maintain high-quality floor coatings. You can install an AC unit on the wall or get a window AC unit. If you want the AC unit to take up only a little space, you can install a window unit. 

Central Cooling and Heating

You get two options if you want them hassle-free. You could get a combustion heater that hangs from the wall with an air vent. It also filters the fumes of your car to allow fresh air to circulate. 

The second and much cooler option is an electric heater that heats your garage. We say that because electric heaters are suitable for small spaces. Also, they won’t be a bother because of noise – they barely have any.

Portable Air Conditioner

Garage climate control becomes easier with a portable air conditioner. It takes up less space and is also energy efficient. It is also an environmentally friendly option for a comfortable garage environment, according to the US Department Of Energy(DOE).

portable air conditioner reduces energy use from 20% to 50%. Amazing, right? With a portable AC unit, you don’t have to get a separate dehumidifier unit. It’s a win-win situation in terms of money and resources spent.

Get a Dehumidifier for Garage Climate Control

To deal with a humid space in your garage, a climate control system definitely needs a dehumidifier. It will remove the excessive humidity in your garage. Also, there are fewer chances of mold or smell. Bonus tip? Make sure you get a high-end dehumidifier. Want to make your floors last longer? Make sure you control the humidity.

 This is even truer if they have epoxy coating as compared to polyaspartic coating.

Installing a Ductless HVAC System

For a comfortable garage environment, installing a ductless HVAC system will provide you with heating and cooling options. The upside of a separate ductless HVAC system is that you can change the settings to a higher cooling or heating setting as compared to the rest of your house.

Insulate Your Garage

This insulation protection will keep your garage significantly cooler in the summer. In winter, you can enjoy a quiet reading or watch your favorite show in your comfortable garage environment.

There won’t even be extra charges. It is a one-time installation process. You won’t have to spend money on maintenance or carry out a complete overhaul of your garage.

Climate Controlled Flooring

Now comes the best part – the floor coating. Your garage will thank you once you use climate-controlled flooring on it. This makes a far bigger difference in your garage climate control system than you can imagine. Also, remember that heating and cooling floors are laid down separately. 

This allows air from the floors to permeate throughout the garage. It will give your garage a clean look as compared to other garage heating and cooling systems. On the upside, it produces less noise and is a comfort like no other.

Final Takeaway

Now it’s time to finally transform your garage without any delay. You can now start working on installing a heating and cooling system. You already know what that means for your garage. You can use your garage space as a study or living area. For that, you must install a central heating and cooling system with an HVAC or an AC. 

The portable AC unit is enough if you simply want a garage heating system to keep you warm while you clean your cars. So, get started and explore these viable options to optimize your garage space today! If you want more DIY guides, head over to TheGarageFloors and learn all that you need to about transforming your garage space with the best polyaspartic floor coating at the lowest price.

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Lots of companies claim to use Polyaspartic, but they only apply it for the final coat.

Using a mix of Epoxy or Polyurea for the base coat can lead to yellowing and peeling over time.

Insist on a full Polyaspartic system for both base and top coats.